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Spaceship Moon Theory



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Over the years, it has been scientifically observed that the Earth’s Moon holds some strange characteristics. The Moon is the 5th largest natural satellite in the Solar System. It is believed to have been created by a giant impact between the young Earth and a Mars-sized body. After examination, it has been noted that the Moon is apparently in the wrong orbit for its size, according to its current assumed density. Astronomy data indicates that the internal regions of the Moon are less dense than the outer, giving rise to the inevitable speculation that it could be hollow. Some of these claims come from the fact that when meteors strike the Moon, it rings like a bell. More specifically, when the Apollo crew, on November 20, 1969, released the lunar module, after returning to the orbiter, the module impact with the Moon caused their seismic equipment to register a continuous reverberation like a bell for more than an hour.

In July of 1970, members of the then Soviet Academy of Sciences, Michael Vasin and Alexander Shcherbakov, proposed the Spaceship Moon Theory. The pseudoscientific theory claims that the Earth’s moon may actually be an alien spacecraft. Vasin and Shcherbakov’s thesis was that the Moon is a hollowed-out planetoid created by unknown beings with technology far superior to any on Earth. Huge machines would have been used to melt rock and form large cavities within the Moon. The Moon would, therefore, consist of a hull-like inner shell and an outer shell made from metallic rocky slag. The “Spaceship Moon” was then placed into orbit around the Earth. Proponents of this theory point to the increased reports and pictures of UFOs taken by NASA on their missions to the moon. It has been found that asteroids and meteors not only create shallow craters on the Moon’s surface, but produce a convex floor to the crater instead of concave as expected, supporting the idea of a rigid shell.

The moon is far older than previously expected, maybe even older than the Earth or the Sun. The oldest age for the Earth is estimated to be 4.6 billion years old, while Moon rocks were dated at 5.3 billion years. The chemical composition of the dust upon which the rocks sit is remarkably different from the rocks themselves. This indicates that the lunar surface may have been moved from somewhere else and placed on the Moon. Some of the Moon’s craters originated internally, yet there is no indication that the Moon was ever hot enough to produce volcanic eruptions. Hundreds of moonquakes are recorded each year that cannot be attributed to meteor strikes. Some of the quakes seem to follow a specific schedule.

The moon’s crust is much harder than originally presumed. When NASA was recorded drilling down a few inches into the Moon’s surface, it appeared that metal shavings were visible. Earth’s moon is the only natural satellite in the Solar System that has a stationary, near-perfect circular orbit. How does one explain the coincidence that the moon is just the right distance, coupled with just the right diameter, to completely cover the sun during an eclipse? Professional astronomers have been gradually discouraged from investigating a phenomenon that has been reported on the Moon for 1,000 years. It is short-lived light, color, or other changes in the appearance of the lunar surface, referred to as Transient Lunar Phenomena.


Another fine article from:
John Winston.
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 1997
Subject: The Last Type Of Space People. Part 2 of 2.

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The ALTERNATIVE 3 astronauts landed on the Moon and built their own bases many years BEFORE the FIRST APOLLO ASTRONAUTS landed on the Moon in 1969, as the result of a secret treaty between the Pentagon and the Zetans. The Zetans helped the Department of Majority colonize the Moon with secret bases, and in exchange the Pentagon’s Majority Department helped the ZETANS colonize the United States with their own secret underground bases. The Pentagon decided that co-operating with the ZETANS was a better idea than being invaded!

The Zetans showed the Pentagon scientists how to construct nuclear and mercury powered saucers, as well as space shuttles, rockets, and other N.A.S.A. technology, that was inferior to the anti-gravity magnetic powered saucers of the Zetans and thus at a military disadvantage. Of course, our Presidents did not want to go on the six o’clock news to talk about how they made a top secret treaty with a violent conquering foreign planet that in the past nuked the Earth people! Not a bad reason for a big secret.

The Pentagon’s secret saucers were also aided by captured NAZI rocket scientists who were testing saucers they got from the ZETAN instructors in 1944, when the Zetans had the NAZIS do their genetic experiments for them…much easier than abductions. The primitive saucers, rockets, and shuttles of the pentagon insiders, often mistaken for REAL U.F.O.S, made it to the Moon and Mars.

In May 1962, a secret spacecraft from the Pentagon landed on Mars and video-taped it, and I have seen the actual video. It shows a Martian landscape far different than what N.A.S.A. showed us! Mars had canals, lakes, green vegetation, swamps, and animal life on the surface, but N.A.S.A. the dis-information agency wants you to believe it is a dead world so you will not expect ET’S live there! They have never shown the public most of the 2,000 photos they promised us with VIKING I. When the first Apollo astronauts landed on our Moon in 1969, they were shocked to find it already inhabited. Thousands of Americans, Soviets, British, French, and Australians were ALREADY LIVING THERE! Astronauts who discovered too much truth and were considered security risks died in those famous accidents in the shuttle or on the launch pad, etc.

Have you ever wondered why the HUBBLE, the most expensive and expertise telescope ever invented, was flawed so it would not take the kinds of photos it should produce? Do you really believe all those technological experts from prestigious universities with billions of dollars at their disposal could make such embarrassing idiot mistakes. Please, do not be so naive, if you so do. This was a planned accident because that telescope was too good. It would photograph things on the Moon and Mars and in orbit that the public astronomers are not supposed to see!

The footage of the American spacecraft landing on Mars BEFORE Apollo landed on the Moon leaked out in major public British TV for one evening, thanks to a smuggling scientist, before it was Censored and never made it to America. British authorities tried to call it a hoax to cover-up the leak, but it was no hoax. The only astronaut who has ever died outside of duty said it was the truth on video, and he was silenced. We have seen that interview too, as well as a secret video stewing the scientist who leaked that video being assassinated.

A book exposing ALTERNATIVE 3 appeared in 1976 and was quickly forced out of print. I have read it. You can’t even order it, and the printers will not issue a new release in spite of a huge demand! Very strange to turn down that big profit. Not really. On public FRANCE INTER TV on August 3rd, 1962, at 8:00 A.M., and also in the weekly magazine Le Meilleur, was another leaked that was covered up fast. Alain Ayache reported “why has no one spoken of the mysterious message heard on the Moon—20 untranslatable words? Perhaps it proves that other men exist, something that N.A.S.A wished to hide…words which really sow the Seeds of panic. Everything was going well that day on our Moon, then at 11:15 an extraordinary fading occurred and contact with Houston was lost. Worden, who was in charge of telecommunications, had his attention drawn by a breathing sound and a long whistle. A sentence was constantly repeated on one note., Varying from a small to a shrill tone, and from lightly stressed sounds to raucous exclamations. Luckily the transmission was recorded on Lem’s tape recorder, and Worden transmitted it to N.A.S.A. Here are the 8 separate words ……. “MARA RABBI ALLARDI DINI ENDAVOUR ESA COUNS ALIM.”

Why did the Berlin Wall Come down so suddenly and unexpectedly with the cold war ending and enemies becoming friends? Did President Reagan give a clue at his speech at the 42nd session of the General General Assembly of the United Nations, on September 21, 1987, saying “in our obsessions with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget much unites the members of all humanity. Perhaps we need some OUTSIDE universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think that how quickly our differences world-wide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world. And yet I ask, “IS NOT AN ALIEN FORCE ALREADY AMONG US?” In Reagan’s speech on December 4, 1985, he stated “if suddenly there was a threat to this world from Some other species from another planet, we’d forget all the little local differences that we have between our countries.” Soviet President Gorbachev publicly stated “At our meeting in Geneva, the U.S. President said that if the Earth faced an invasion by extraterrestrials, the U.S. and Soviet Union would join forces to repel the invasion.” (Feb. 6. 1987 in Soviet Life)

I ABSOLUTELY EMPHASIZE THAT YOU HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR OF THE ZETAN INVASION, AS THE UNITED CONFEDERATION OF PLANETS (the friendly aliens plans to remove all of them from Earth in 1993!* [*Well, its 1997 now, and they are still here…*:) –js]. More details in another one of my documents, tapes, and lectures.THIS IS NOT FOR THE GENERAL PUBLIC. Use common sense, wisdom, discretion in spreading this information, while avoiding skeptics, paranoid types, religious fanatics, and the emotionally unstable.

In 1959 a Martian flying disc spacecraft reportedly landed in the wilderness outside of Moscow, in the Soviet Union, where a secret meeting with Soviet Premier Nakita Kruschev was arranged. The conference regarded improving relations with Earth, exchanging knowledge, and securing world and interplanetary peace, yet the Soviet government rejected the terms. This report originated from Sgt. Willard Wannall, formerly of Army Intelligence, who investigated U.F.O.s in Hawaii while in the military in the 1950s, and met with us while we were in the Department of Interplanetary Affairs research agency in the 1970s.

On April 24, 1964, an oval shaped metallic flying object landed in a farm field in Newark Valley in New York State, and two alien beings emerged from the estimated 20 foot long craft. Farmer, Gary Wilcox drove his tractor toward the object clearly visible on a bright sunny day. The farmer kicked the metallic object to make sure it was real. The two occupants were about 4 feet high, and they carried a square tray full of the different vegetables they had collected from his farm. Wilcox reported that when he confronted the beings stealing his crops, they said “don’t be alarmed, we have spoken to people before.”

Gary described the voices as being very strange. They wore white, metallic-looking overalls without seams, stitching or pockets. He could not see their hands or feet. He could not see their other features beneath the full space-suits, which we speculated were protecting these aliens from the Earth’s atmosphere deadly to their race. As Wilcox became inquisitive, one of them stated, “We are from what you know as the planet Mars. We can only come to Earth every two years,” and left a warning that Earth people should stay out of space. They said that they were studying the organic materials on Earth because of the rocky structure of Mars, and that they did not fly near our cities because they avoided the air pollution. The beings told Wilcox everything in monotone. He asked if he could go with them and they rejected.

Wilcox gave the beings a bag of fertilizer and exchanged information about it and other subjects, before they entered the craft and took off. Wilcox was investigated by a psychiatrist and the sheriff department, who found him a normal, truthful person with no emotional problems, and they confessed they believed his UFO experience was real. In February 1972, United Nations diplomat Farida Iskiovet, who investigated UFOs and occupant contacts for the President of the General Assembly, told me and my department agents that she had been contacted by a landed spacecraft from the planet Mars. The reported contact took place in the Mojave Desert, in California, in 1971, and made the “front page” of the major Arizona newspaper the daily Arizona Republic.

This story also made the front page of the San Clemente Sun-Post in an article written by Fred Swegles, who covered President Nixon and his staff at the Western Whitehouse. Farida stated that the alien offered to admit an ambassador to their interplanetary confederation in this solar system, in exchange for an alien ambassador to the General Assembly of the United Nations, in an attempt to re-establish diplomatic relations with Earth and other planets that had been suspended in ancient times due to hostility on Earth. However, the terms of this peace arrangement were not acceptable to the Security Council, and the exchange was rejected in a secret meeting.

Adam Malik, President of the United Nations, was in favor of the treaty and exchange and he was in contact with us on this matter. Iskiovet and Malik were frustrated with U.N. attempts to block this exchange, so they came to us to help try to establish a civilian council to handle affairs between the people on Earth and the Interplanetary Confederation in this solar system.

The corporations and military-government interests that finance and control the U.N. did not accept the alien insistence on destroying all weapons, ending all wars, and eliminating all polluting fuels, which are all the biggest bank accounts in the world. The most famous astronomers of the early twentieth century, including the great Percival Lovell, stated there were signs of intelligent life on Mars. They reported huge areas of green vegetation that expanded and contracted with the melting of the ice caps and the 4 seasons on Mars. In the 1950s, teachers in public schools in America taught students that the temperature at the Martian equator was about 80 degrees. The man credited with inventing the radio, Marconi, published data that he believed he had received intelligent radio signals from Mars.


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End of the Age – Return of the Nephilim?

The book of Jubilees remarks that Jared or Yeh-red, an Old Testament patriarch, was so called because in his days the angels descended upon the earth – Yaw-rad “descend”. It is interesting to note that “Jordan” comes from that same root word denoting “descent, coming down or falling” – Yar-dane “the place of the descent”. The source of the Jordan river is Mount Hermon – the point of descent of the Watchers. Mt. Hermon resides in the ancient land formally known as “Sidonia”. The super-human angelic beings descended, created hybrid offspring with human women, the “nephilim” and mighty men of renknown preserved in ancient myths. The source for the dispersion of angelic “alien” technology, and the Hermetic knowledge that influenced human civilization since the days of Noah, was Sidonia / Cydonia. UFO sightings increase as 2012 approaches – significant?

The symbolism surrounding the coming End of the Aion in 2012 suggests perhaps another “descent” is approaching. The time & location should not be a mystery as it has been looked for, advanced & ardently pursued by the Mystery Schools for centuries, from its earliest advocacy in the Edfu Texts to the current wizardry going on at NASA. At the very least, could there be a revelation that alien intelligences left evidence of their civilizations on Mars?

Mount Hermon place of the descent fallen angels alien intervention nephilim the watchers


2012 End of the Age - End Times AION symbol Ouroboros, serpent eating its own tail end time prophecy David Flynn research
RE: 2012 & End of the Age. The Greeks called the End of the Age the SUNTELIA AION Ancient historians and especially Plato referred to a cycle of catastrophe at the End of the Age. The AION was symbolized by the Ouroboros.
The Milky Way Galaxy is the inspiration for the symbol of the Ouroboros. Hermeticism and myth refer to a serpent of light residing in the heavens. The Milky Way is this serpent, and viewed at galactic central point near sagittarius, this serpent eats its own tail.
David Flynn 2012 research, sign of the end of times, the Ouroboros, the serpent eating its own tail Illuminated hermeticism synchromysticism & apocalyptic symbolism.

The Milky Way galaxy keeps a great time cycle that ends in catastrophic change. The sign of the SUNTELIA AION is the sun rising out of the mouth of the oroborus, which will occur on the solstice December 2012.

Flynn: Lost Ark of the Covenant Location disclosed


Temple at the Center of Time: Investigations of Sacred Dimension, Revealed in Prophecy, the Temple of Jerusalem, and the Ark of the Covenant, from the works of Isaac Newton by David Flynn In “Temple at the Center of Time: Newton’s Bible Codex Finally Deciphered and the Year 2012” David Flynn examines the works of Isaac Newton concerning End Time Prophecy by researching many ancient texts Newton had access to, and reading the Bible and extra Biblical texts in their original languages, as Newton had. Flynn asserts that although Newton had solved riddles of space, time, gravity, light, physics & mathematics, Newton seemed to be looking for “something more”. By following the clues left in Newton’s works — including those dismissed as esoteric, alchemical or illuminated, yet focusing especially on Newton’s fascination with the Books of Daniel and Revelation (The Apocalypse) and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem — David Flynn has discovered perhaps what Newton would have, given tools like the interweb and Google Earth. Flynn’s book demonstrates how pivotal events in history are unquestionably connected in time and space to Jerusalem, and leaves the reader with something Isaac Newton exhausted his latter years searching for, “proof that God is in control of space and time“. “Temple at the Center of Time” not only explains why such a great “scientific mind” as Newton’s would be obsessed by the Biblical End Times, but also provides insight into such fascinating topics as the placement and purpose of ancient megaliths like Baalbek, Stonehenge and Avebury, and why there is a significance placed on the galactic event which will occur on December 21, 2012.
david flynn on freemason symbols 33 and 2012 end times and bible prophecy David Flynn ‘s book “Cydonia: the Secret Chronicles of Mars” and his DVD lectures from the annual Roswell UFOs & the Bible Conference reveal:


  • 2012 significance the great Cosmic Clock embodied in the symbol the Ouroboros
  • “the gods” who walked the earth in the ages before Adam
  • the nephilim of Genesis 6 and the technology & wisdom they imparted to humankind
  • the distinctly Martian Cydonian influence on human civilization
  • megaliths magick & the meaning behind the esoteric tenet “As Above, So Below”
  • 33 & 2012 — freemason symbols mystery schools & the modern alchememy of NASA

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As you may have heard mentioned on the Sept. 20 2011 CoasttoCoastAM show w/ Doug Elwell & Richard Hoagland and on the incredible Oct. 30 2011 show with LA Marzulli, or read about on Steve Quayle’s (author of Genesis 6 Giants) website and Tom Horn’s (author of Apollyon Rising 2012) website, controversial Bible scholar & lecturer David Flynn was diagnosed with brain cancer, glioblastoma multiforme. He passed away January 22, 2012.

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According to a video tape made by a former C.I.A. agent, John Lear, based upon what he said he witnessed from military agents with top secret security clearances, there are about 70 different extraterrestrial civilizations that have been monitoring the Earth. Based on interviews by civilian UFO researchers from civilian professional UFO research organizations there have been people reporting abductions by beings from at least 40 other planets, although the negative experiences seem to be confined to about 6 prominent planets in both studies. The other reported beamed-up or taken-up experiences and land encounters have involved entities either friendly or neutral who are studying us much like our own scientists study primitive natives in jungles. There have been reported contacts with beings from 4 other planets in our own solar system, including a transparent green etherical energy formation being allegedly from Saturn and a tall, physical, pure white humanoid claiming to be from Uranus. The beings claiming to be from Mars and Venus are human in appearance yet are based in spaceports enclosed in protective force-fields on those worlds and they represent colonization’s from other star systems rather than native indigenous life.

There are also reportedly physical being colonies on some of the huge moons orbiting Jupiter and Saturn that even NASA admits contain atmospheres and water, including Lanulous, Titan, Io, Ganymede, etc. One of the moons off Jupiter is allegedly a capital planet for an interplanetary federation in our own solar system!

There are reported alien space bases on the dark side of the moon where greys operate, as well as on certain large asteroids and one of Uranus’s moons.

The Department of Interplanetary Affairs has summarized research on planets with reported physical beings civilizations in other star systems, such as the Korendians that Bob Renaud was reportedly in radio and face-to-face contact with, the Koldasians that a group in South Africa claimed radio and meeting contacts with(CE-3s), the Ogattans that a group in North Carolina claimed physical contact and transport to their planet in dealings with this race, and the Arcturians. The Ogattans are said to be a short humanoid bird-like aliens extremely friendly and spiritually orientated, from a planet of prismatic domed communities of crystalline material surrounded by crystal forests emanating rainbow colored auras permeated by the harmonics of the music of the spheres. These E.T.s are said to be helping small numbers of humans on Earth with divine guidance, very low-key, and they have taken many small children from here to their planet for schooling, where they viewed a Destiny Screen showing future Earth events many of which have already come true!). The events for the later part of this decade and early 21st century on the Destiny Screen present widespread planetary disasters. This is a fairly common warning, and was even given to the Pentagon leaders in the early 1950s by the negative grey aliens led by Krill from the Zeta/Orion invasion. Warnings of widespread Earth catastrophes in the next 20 years were common in the 1950s from extraterrestrials claiming to be based on Venus, Mars, planets in the Pleiades through the 1970s), and some other solar systems. Many of the events these aliens reportedly prophesized in the 1950s &1980s have already come true, including several famines, floods, earthquakes, wars, etc.

The Koldasians, who reportedly look so much like we do that they could walk into a supermarket incognito, say they were recently nuked on their own planet in an interplanetary war that resulted in negative aliens invading their territory. Their leader on their Earth mission, Valdar, who reportedly met on a South African beach with Earth contacts and also had radio contacts, details another type of Interplanetary Confederation Koldas is a member of in lengthy writings by Carl Van Vlierden. Valdar warns Earth not to make the same mistakes taking place in their solar system.

Similar warnings came from the Korendians, who reportedly look exactly like us humans except they are only about 3 to 4 feet tall and live on a planet 6 times the size, of Earth, with oceans and many more continents, which I have a map of and a copy of their reported language, alphabet, measurement system, and register of nearby inhabited planets!

Carl Vlierden even produced photos of Koldasian spaceships, just like Bob Renaud did with the Korendian spaceships, which look like daytime disc-shaped flying objects.

Meanwhile we hear about beings from Arcturas who are small humanoid greenish beings semi-physical who are so far beyond us spiritually, technologically, and mentally we can barely comprehend these entities. They say they guide certain people through channeling spiritual advice and on their own planet they have none of our physical or emotional problems. Like most of the other advanced races they live in crystal domes in a garden of Eden like paradise with music beautiful beyond our comprehension, scenery beautiful beyond our dreams, and no pollution or disease. They do not want to get involved in our wars.

Then even further beyond our reports of beings from Andromeda Galaxy who are light-energy bodies who teleport or project anywhere in galaxies and can manifest physically as anything from a humanoid being to a goddess to a tree or a symbolic animal. There are also beings found in crashed flying saucers who are so ugly by military standards that they have disguised their true looks with a super-tight fitting very real looking organic suit that resembles a better looking alien than they themselves really are ….. or they surround themselves with laser holographs that look so real that witnesses believe these aliens look like humans rather than monsters or little demons. According to decades of pain-taking research by scientists like Jackes Vallee and researchers like John Keel, many of the ells, trolls, fairies, menehunies, and other so-called mythological creatures of old were really aliens using these disguises to manipulate the cultures of those times in a form more easily relevant in those centuries. There were also monster flying dragons and serpents and other monsters spitting fires who were the creations of aliens using laser holograms to fool primitive societies. And there are also reports of part human part animal/fish/bird/reptiles creatures that are actually bizarre genetic creations of bizarre real life forms… real scary creatures of the night.

James Forestal was our Secretary of Defense before he was illegally committed to a mental institution after being abducted by a UFO and talking to too many people about it. His diary stated a report about one of the aliens found in the Roswell crash and how it looked like something from Hell. The diary also told of human body parts found in crashed UFOs piloted by greys. James was thrown out of a skyscraper by CIA agents before he could tell the story he wanted to tell before Congress and at press conference.

However, apart from very EARLY Earthly interaction from Vega and the Lyra realms, the dominant replaying MAJOR alien interaction on our planet for the last 100,000 years involves the Sirians, Pleideans, Orions, Zetas, Centaurians (since 15,000 BC only), and last but not least a race we have not yet covered …. the Nibirians- If you are not familiar with these other races please read Volume 3 of this series about interplanetary colonization’s about the History of the Golden Ages and how there is no shortage of ancient writings to prove this story really happened.

Zacharia Sitchin has spent decades as an archeologist and historian in the Middle East, researching ancient writings from the Sumerian civilization into a 5-part paperback series documenting the Nibirian interaction on Earth in ancient times. If you want the truth please read this series. It is so-well documented it has been given great reviews in the Establishment news media, something Von Daniken never attained.

Sitchin reports the Nibrians are from an ancient 12th planet in our solar system called Nibiru, and that they landed on Earth in prehistoric times hundreds of thousands of years ago and mined the Earth for gold and other minerals, established a spaceport in what today is the Iraq-Iran area, and lived in a kind of idealistic society as a small colony. They returned when Earth was more populated and genetically interfered in our indigenous DNA to create a slave-race to work their mines, farms, and other enterprises in Sumeria, which was the so-called Cradle of Civilization in out-dated pre-1980s school history texts. Later on the Nibirians also used behind-the-scenes power-plays to manipulate the Egyptians and certain other empires along with the Sirians. They played gods too and played a heavy ruling hand in Babylonia, Persia, Mesoamerica, and other lands, using their advanced technology to make primitive peoples believe they were gods.

Enlil and Enki, two governors of Earth sent from Nibirn to rule Earth, were responsible for all this power and control. They gave the ancient Sumerians their architectural, agricultural, astronomical, and cultural training in exchange for labor and “gifts to the gods” in the form of a lot of mining, food, and material goods. Therefore the Nibirians themselves no longer had to physically work on Earth. The Nibirians disguised themselves as fish-humans, lion-humans, bird-humans, and other creatures to get the people to worship them as token gods, something that Moses violently opposed. Later the Pleiadeans who were involved in Egypt’s 3rd Golden Age attempted to end the worship of the many Nibrian and Sirian gods in these lands with the one-god concept.

However, wars always resulted from these differences of belief systems, and the Sirians and Nibirians thrived on all the humans fighting each other INSTEAD OF THE GODS who were the REAL ENEMIES behind the scenes.

Sitchin tells of a huge orbiting something that brought many Nibirians to Earth from the Sirian sector of our galaxy 7 every 3,600 years, with the last round being around zero A.D. when Christ appeared. Every 3,600 years a major event occurred on Earth that was well-documented by ancient and modern historians. The Great Flood of religious referred to an attempt to destroy the slave races of humanity by the Nibirians because they have rebelled against their leaders gods) from Nibiru! Enlil and Enki were involved in a heated dispute over whether to destroy or preserve the slave races and this power struggle resulted in ancient wars. Sitchin believes that the orbit of the huge object indicated it was a planet that orbits in and out of our solar system and around our sun, yet is part of our system, every 3,600 years. However, was this huge object REALLY one of those titanic city-sized intergalactic mother ships the Pentagon says it has tracked and photographed? I was actually shown a photo of one of these ships by Sergeant Willard Wannall, formerly of Army Intelligence, who investigated UFOs. This object was miles long, silvery metallic, and crystal clear to the eye…no doubt some kind of a monster spaceship. Such an object has also reportedly been monitored entering our solar system in the late1980s heading right for Earth, and nobody knows what it really is all about! And Dr. Stanton Friedman, a famous nuclear physicists, swears his reason and research absolutely PROVES that the Martian moons are metallic, hollow, artificial satellites that have orbits, densities, and speeds IMPOSSIBLE by all known laws of physics! He adds that spectrograph analysis proves these moons are made of metal although they may be covered by a thin layer of soil. Was Nibiru such an object…and were the Nibirians really from one of the planets orbiting one of the two large stars of the Sirias binary system? After all, the primitive DOGON natives in Africa have all kinds of technical scientific mathematical facts about that star system left by ancient gods about data that modern scientists say they did not discover until the 1950s!

All kinds of reports indicate that the Sirias system harbors different races on different planets with different atmospheres orbiting 2 different stars that orbit around each other every 50 years like the DOGONS described. One is the ancestors of the Egyptians and that is what they looked like! Another is the gigantic humanoids or Nibirians, and another is the intelligent Aquarian Dolphin Race from the water-planet.

The Dolphin Race with its mermaids, mermen, porpoises, and whales were a positive spiritual interaction with Earth, while the Sirians and Nibirians were manipulative colonizers here to exploit human labor for their own materials and survival.

What were the tenth and eleventh planets? The one that exploded in a nuclear war located between Mars and Jupiter, Mardek(Maldek, Tinmet, Lucifer, etc.) and became asteroids was the 11th. The 12th is said to be the planet far beyond Pluto that certain astronomers swear they see every few years, sometimes called Planet X. Many alien contactees report they are also told of that planet. There is also a tiny planet in orbit between Saturn and Uranus called Chiron, which is considered a planet by some people and an orbiting asteroid by others depending on who you talk to …. it is allegedly a space base for colonizing aliens.

The Nibirians built many of those incredible ancient stone monuments, and are still active behind the scenes on Earth, according to several researchers. Barbara Hand Clow even claimed they found a way to incarnate in human bodies in 3600 BC and infiltrate our governments directly!

According to MATRIX, a thick rare complicated compilation of reported secret information from top secret underground military installations, a galactic catastrophe took place about 75 million years ago.

A 75 planet group of the Intergalactic Federation was involved in an interplanetary nuclear war called the Wall of Fire that devastated the Earth. About 50 million years ago Orion entities passed through a black hole portal near Arcturus from a point near Andromeda and entered our dimensional universe. They settled in the Lyran system. The Lyran wars erupted about 22 million years ago, and portions of the gravely fragmentized humans and humanoids settled in the Vega, Pleiades, and Hyades systems. About 208,000 years ago the evil Marcab Empire of interplanetary, conquest erupted, involving the Greys and their allies. Another 150,000 year old Lyran conflict took place. Implants were introduced in greys manipulation about120,000 years ago. About 100,000 years ago the Lyrans developed a race on the Lost Continent of Hyberborea(see Part One of The History of the Golden Ages). This society attained advanced technology.

My first conscious alien encounter come after midnight in Lahalna, Maui, when I was staying with an artist named Michael Odell. He traded me a free room for helping him make tikis to sell to tourists when I was 21.

Michael painted incredible cosmic master-pieces that he sold in galleries, and created machines that transformed music into moving color pattern pictures. He claimed he was guided and channeled by interdimensional extraterrestrials coming to help Earth called Morontia. I was a bit skeptical when he said they were in the house, until that night when I was suddenly awoken by intense vibrations throughout my mind and body. Huge surges of energy shot through me. I was now wide awake, and a being made out of brilliant light energy appeared in the room and gave me a telepathic message. It was that night that I decided to base Xian ideation on extraterrestrial messages. I still do not know for sure where the being come from or what happened, though there is no doubt, IT WAS NOT A DREAM! I was fully conscious …. and Michael said it was the Morontia!

In 1987 I used to drive my car to a remote wooded area of dense beachfront vegetation on the North Shore of Maul, windsurf, and then camp out all night. Sometimes I would sail under the Full Moon. If it rained I would make tents out of my sails. Yet one night a heavy downpour arrived before I could get ready. I locked myself in the car at the end of the dirt road and decided to sleep.

Sometime after midnight I was suddenly awoken by a tapping on my windshield. I woke up and looked around and saw a woman in the rain. I thought she would be very cold and wet, so I rolled down the window and invited her inside. I was amazed when this strikingly beautiful, smiling, Polynesian-appearing girl entered. She was absolutely beautiful and appeared to be in her 20s. Most remarkable was she showed no affects of the storm outside, almost like it didn’t bother her. She sat next to me and spent a long time telling me all about the Pleideans and how it inter-acted with the ancient Hawaiians. I had done extensive research on the Pleiadean/Mu connection yet she gave me 90 percent plus information I had never heard of! It wasn’t until years later when books like Bringers of the Dawn and Prism of Lyra were published that I heard a lot of the same type of information. So how did she know it? I felt an extremely peaceful, loving aura from this woman and her wisdom was incredible. After a long discussion, right before dawn, she smiled and said she had to depart. She gave me a hug and exited the car, and walked off into the rain and woods and disappeared. I never saw her again. Who was she?

Pleiadeans from the Alcyon System look, act, and think like she does, according to a book that come out years later by Barbara Hand Clowe (Messages from the Pleiades, Heart of Christos).

In 1994 mysterious glowing UFOs were reported by many locals near Wainapanapa, Maui, on several nights. One haole witness said one of them was bigger than a big mango tree, and he got incredibly close to it, just a few away, when it suddenly become invisible right before his eyes!

In 1993 hundreds of people reported seeing several UFOs flying over Maui. Scientists and military officials tried to dismiss this as a meteor shower scheduled that night. However, meteors fall fast and disintegrate, while some of these UFOs were cruising all across the sky and some were reported in formations. A woman and her kids near Ulapalakua, Maui, told a friend of mine she got within about 150 yards of one of the UFOs that night, and it was clearly a large mechanical machine!

An anonymous astronomer stationed at Haleakala observatory in 1994, reported he had a photograph of a huge mother ship type UFO hovering and stationed over the crater many miles high.

In 1994 the famous scientist Richard Hoagland came to Maui and brought slides, photos, and video footage of incredible ruins on the Moon and Mars from NASA files. I saw some of these blown up to movie theater screen size and they were mind-boggling.

I held several public UFO seminars and lectures on Maui in 1992 and 1993, and again in 1994, and several people come up after the meetings with their own reports of abductions, contacts, sightings, secret government activities and information, etc.

One man in one of the lecture audiences identified himself as a C.I.A. agent and said I had a lot of accurate information. In 1994 I spoke to a Maui man who said his entire family had been abducted by Greys yet returned safely. Another man at a lecture told of a secret underground military scientific station below Klhei that was connected to laser and star wars systems. He invited me to go inside for a tour, yet I declined being concerned about a possible abduction attempt or confinement.

That same year an elderly woman came to one of my lectures. She told of how the Illuminati was secretly moving their world center to New Zealand she had a high-ranking relative in the United Nations). She was aware of a lot of secret very dangerous covert governmental operations and UFO activity. She told me a Pleidean spacecraft had landed late at night somewhere around Malibu, California, and she witnessed a Pleiadean emerge from the craft and communicate with her mother.

In 1993 a Hawaiian activist in the Ohana to preserve and protect Kahoolawe Island, told me that Hawaiians camping out on that desolate island had seen UFOs.

We were informed by government contacts that the Greys have a base around that island does that explain why the Navy refused to let civilians land there since 1942 and now that the Hawaiians have reclaimed the island, it’s access is still severely restricted?

Greys were reportedly seen in Kihei, Maui, by different witnesses in 1992-93. They entered the room of a friend of mine one night and scared her. There were also some renegade Greys trying to come over to our side of the galactic war who reportedly contacted a UFO meeting in Kihei.

One of the strangest reports ever on Maui occurred in 1975, when some surfers said they saw an alien creature emerge from the water near Olowalu, Maui. It was some kind of an aquatic humanoid these are occasionally reported from around the world). We have no further verification.

One of the most important discoveries in world history was made in 1947, and most people have never heard of it today because it was only in the newspapers for one day! That year two separate military pilots who were flying two separate aircraft on two separate missions, both saw the same incredible scene. Near the South Pole, where ice stretched to the horizon in every direction, the crews witnessed a huge opening in the ice cap where there was a dense green forest, clear lakes, and dirt instead of snow or ice. Ice cliffs thousands of feet high surrounded this warm oasis in the ice cap. One of the pilots, Commander Bunger, radioed that the air and water temperatures in the oasis were in the mid seventies: The research crew Landed a seaplane on one of the warm lakes.

On a separate flight the famous polar explorer Admiral Richard Byrd reported by radio that he had found a huge opening in the Antarctic ice and flown his plane down, and he had found and entered an opening in the ice that led to an underground city: The news about the warm dry oasis and many square miles of dry land leaked into the news media for one day before the government covered up further details, due to reported documentation that the underground city is a UFO base and source of sightings. According to Admiral Byrd’s diary, which I have read an excerpt out of, Byrd and his crew were met by human-appearing residents who warned him to deliver a very important message to government leaders and to keep their existence top secret, because they did not want surface people invading with surface diseases, pollution, violence, crime, or conquest motives. The inner city representatives said that they had no diseases, pollution, crime, war, or most other surface vices and kept their civilization intact because it was isolated and secret from the surface races. They reportedly claimed to be descendents from Atlantean and Lemurians from ancient lost civilizations who had predicted the destruction of their civilizations and prepared years in advance by engineering air-conditioned underground cities to survive, and that they had not had a war for over 10,000 years of isolation. They also stated they were down there interacting with Earth-based extraterrestrials. Does not this sound hauntingly similar to what the U.S. government is doing today with its reported 70 or more underground cities built to survive nuclear war, earthquakes, tidal waves, and economic collapse on the surface, so the President, his cabinet, and military, political, industrial, and scientific leaders can survive?

The important message that Byrd was to deliver to the President was to firmly end all nuclear underground testing which they viewed as a threat to their network of ancient underground cities around the world, and their fear that surface nations might blow-up the planet we all shared.

I first heard about these reports in the early 1970s from Major Aho from Washington Saucer Intelligence, who was a former Army intelligence officer. Major Aho told me about this race reportedly called the Teros, and startled us by showing a clear NASA space program satellite photograph of a huge circular opening in the ice cap near the South Poll, that was taken by satellite ESSA–?. When researchers asked NASA to comment their reply was simply “no comment.” They obviously could not explain off such glaring evidence- Scientists shown this photo were puzzled and alarmed. I also read about this discovery in a booklet from Mlichael X. Barton who wrote Venusian Secret Science and did reported research on this topic. I was also told about this discovery by several former agents of Amy and Naval intelligence agencies in separate conversations.

Similar prehistoric ancient underground cities reportedly exist below Maui, Mount Shasta, the Himalayas, the Andes, Brazil, and some other areas. A separate huge planetary capital underground city, built by negative aliens from Orion, reportedly exists below Iraq where behind scenes Middle East conflicts begin.

The underground city below Antarctica is said to be ultra modern with monorails, domes, spaceports, crystal buildings, electromagnetic land vehicles, conveyor belts, and a computerized automated society of robots. Surrounding the city are rich farmlands of giant fruits and vegetables, exotic animals, birds, and trees.

An ancient map of the world seen on TV documentaries, the Piri-Reis map, shows Antarctica with NO ICE and what may be the continent of Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean. This very old map, said to have been copied from much older maps even then, shows mountain ranges near the South poll that were covered by ice and not even re-discovered until 1958!

Did the Atlantean and Lemurians build this city when there was no ice at the South Pole before the planet tilted on its axis? Are there, as Barton claims, races of pure Atlantean and Lemurians living inside our planet with extraterrestrials?

And according to reports from UFO contactees and military files, most of the planets and some of the moons in our solar system are inhabited by underground cities and bases protecting aliens from harsh atmospheres. Even Pluto, Mercury, and Titan have these civilizations.

If the U.S. government can build a huge underground survival city inside Mount Weather, West Virginia, in the 1960s, as exposed in the national news media, why couldn’t ancient alien colonies do the sane? These cities are supposed to be connected to each other by a network of underground tunnels with subways in them. However, different conflicting races have separate networks. The Sirians and Lyrans allegedly have bases below Egypt, the Centaurians in the Maldive Islands, the Korendians in Massachusetts, the Koldasians in South Africa, the Zetas in New Mexico and Nevada, the Venusians in Brazil and Nevada and Tibet, the Orions in Iraq, etc. many researchers who went to the Himalayas wrote that the Llamas told of a huge underground city called Agartha where wise spiritual masters live, and another agarthi. These races reportedly isolated them from surface humanity to evolve spiritually with no outside interference. They secretly pass on spiritual advice and enlightenment to those “who are ready” on the surface.

Many publicized expeditions into these tunnel openings around the world never returned: During the late 19th century and early 20th century a few explorers of the ice caps left diaries stating they accidentally hiked into warm dry openings in the ice with vegetation near the north polar region, yet few believed their stories. Eskimos have legends about a warm dry land in the north where ancestors lived:

In 1964 a one-day one time news release stated a huge, underwater, metallic, cylindrical shaped object had been found on the floor of the North Atlantic. it was about 60 miles long and gave off strong energy fields that distorted navigational and electronic instruments. It was quickly covered-up.

In the scientific non-fiction section of the Library of Congress, Dan Cohen said he found books about these openings and underground races.

The military was reportedly warned they would be destroyed if they penetrated the underground areas and to keep civilians out by secrecy. There is no bad weather inside these underground civilizations and life is in peace and harmony with 10,000 years of no interference.


When Al Bender publicized the first exposure of the underground UFO bases in the Australian media, he was visited by three mysterious Men in Black who threatened him and silenced him from further details.

The 3 Men in Black have reportedly been seen by thousands of UFO witnesses all around the world since 1947, and they all report threats, intimidation, and often silencing. Some UFO witnesses disappeared after reporting UFO activity and Men in Black encounters. The Men in Black wear black suits, black 1930s FBI type hats, thick black sunglasses even at night), black shoes and socks, and have black hair and dark complexions. They always drive what looks and smells like brand new factory released black limos or Cadillac’s. Sometimes they fly black helicopters with no numbers or insignias. They carry black briefcases. Who are the Men in Black?

Although they sometimes have shown CIA or Air Force identifications, both agencies deny they are affiliated. No Government. agency admits.

Even some air force officers and military agents reported they were harassed by men in black. When Ray Palmer published his UFO magazines in the 1940s he was never harassed until he published an issue about alien cities inside our planet. Somebody attacked the delivery truck full of magazines and ripped them all off, and the driver disappeared. The printing press was broken into and vandalized. Palmer was threatened by men in black.

In the 1970s many researchers considered John Keel the leading UFO writer and researcher in America. Keel reported many threatening phone calls with monotone voices, tapped lines, and Men in Black spying on his office. One day he saw one of their black limos parked out in front, and gave chase to it in his car around New York City. The black car outmaneuvered Keel into a narrow road through the woods, where it lost him.

The Men in Black reportedly speak in monotone with no facial expressions or emotions. One incident described them with a black dog that never barked. One witnessed described harassment by 3 women in black.

In ancient times 3 hooded men in black in black chariots harassed witnesses of strange lights in the sky. Keel did some historical re- search on this case. In the middle ages 3 knights in black Armour riding black horses threatened UFO witnesses. In the Renaissance era 3 caped hooded men in black robes in black carriages pulled by black horses harassed UFO witnesses. In all of these old cases UFO activity and Men in Black were accompanied by the outbreak of a great plague that killed millions of people. Old drawings and paintings from the Middle Ages and Renaissance clearly show aerial vehicles spraying the people or hovering overhead before the plague broke out, and one of these clear drawings shows what looks like a humanoid being spraying Germans with a tube device as the Black Plague broke out. A thick black mist or fog, lights or strange objects in the sky, and hooded black beings repeatly accompanied huge disease outbreaks.

Some researchers theorize this was an alien method of population control because a much smaller population is far easier to control and exploit, and all through history aliens have secretly started diseases and war incidents to reduce population…AIDS and their “gift of nuclear energy” the latest methods. Biblical versus also contain accounts of great disease related to angry gods or fallen angels that Sumerian tablets state were really extraterrestrial rulers wiping out people and rulers who rebelled from Enki and Enlil…the alien ambassadors from Nibiru. Enki, according to those tablets, Genetically engineered the human slave race in Sumeria with cross-breeding between indigenous apes and Nibirian aliens, and Enlil used weather control technology to engineer the Great Flood to drown them when they rebelled against their alien masters.

The Sumerian tablets also talk about people in black in these events. But the Nibirians, from another planet in our solar system, used their base on Mars to manipulate us too.

Some UFO researchers speculate the Men in Black are alien humans based On Sirius planet Darnat, the race ancient Egyptian writings state the Egyptians descended from themselves. One UFO abductee reported her abductors claimed to be from Sirius and they looked like dark complexioned humans. They told her she was a mere human who did not have the brains to understand how their ship was powered so don’t even ask, and they regarded us like we regard livestock.

I was attacked by a man identifying himself as a French espionage agent, who tried to strangle me and said he was assigned to kill. He ripped-off my top secret Xian State Department international code book, which translated Xian documents and the Xian language and codes into 5 languages. I knew some martial arts, and some fast karate kicks loosened the grip from this huge, muscular, powerful man. I escaped to the San Francisco police station where the information officer informed me that attacker had recently been in jail and was dangerous.

That same week I had been establishing a new Xian international network in San Francisco in 1968, and was attacked by a gang of blacks at night who pulled a gun on me and threatened to kill. Although alone I had a bloody escape. It was dangerous to be a traveling agent of the State Department international that is) of the Xian Planetary Council (Exeren) trying to make contacts to set up local agents and centers for Xians(planetary citizens).

We showed allegiance to no governments except our own. It was the world planetary council of leaders who were in position because they did the most to help the Xians rather than power, money, or fame. I was a leader yet most of the Xian citizens didn’t even know my name.

In 1969, on a secret assignment for South and Central America, I found myself in the middle of a Communist revolution in Guatemala. An army supported by Fidel Castro had invaded the country and was trying to over-throw the nationistic dictator, and 3 armies were giving each other heavy casualties fighting each other. I was traveling with the director of Xian International from Venezuela, Pancho Planachette. He was a triple-agent spy for 3 governments …. Venezuela, Mexico, and Xians Planetary Council. His former job had been assassinating enemies of the Venezuelan dictator and international espionage. (He had totally changed his consciousness after taking psychedelic mushrooms and LSD–25 at his mansion, the famous House of the Sun, near herto Vallarta. Like many others in the late sixties who had psychedelic experiences, he turned from violence and uptightness to peace, mellowness and the unity of humanity and had embarked, like Carlos in Mexico, on a spiritual quest. He realized that his James Bond lifestyle had been the result of national, racial, and religious boundaries that had divided up humanity into fighting factions, and was attracted to the ideation of Xian planetary citizenship with no national, racial, or religious barriers.

At the border we were met with armed guards who were unfriendly and uptight. Political maneuvering got us in the country, and we were off to the capital in a bus full of armed soldiers guarding us from the shooting revolutionaries. Once in Guatemala City, we checked into a hotel guarded by machine-gun toting soldiers, for right across the street the chief of police had been assassinated and there was blood all around.

The President of Guatemala had already been assassinated before we arrived, along with over 2,000 more dead bodies in the city streets. Would we be next? The Xian High Council taught emotional control and we were very calm. This was more like an exciting adventure. Why stay home and watch exciting adventure on TV when you could go out and do it for real? Live life to the fullest.

The enemy was attacking Americans, stealing their passports, and selling them for a thousand dollars each on the black market. I didn’t want them to get my Planetary Passport from the Xian state department, which was worth execution by firing squad for being a subversive infiltrating revolutionary in a dictatorship attempting to set up the revolutionary- considered new Xian government!


























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